Are celebrants religious?

There are Civil Celebrants who are non-religious and there are eligious Celebrants who are aligned with a particular faith.

Can celebrants do christenings?

No. A Civil Celebrant can offer to conduct a baby naming ceremony which can still include a blessing or spiritual words of the family’s choosing but they cannot recreate a formal christening or baptism aligned with a particular faith unless they are a religious celebrant of that faith.

What does the name celebrant mean?

Put simply, a Celebrant is someone who celebrates something. A Civil Celebrant is someone who conducts a non-religious ritual. This doesn’t mean that a Celebrant can’t incorporate blessings, poems or prayers into a ceremony but they cannot claim to have had religious training when they haven’t. You might use a Celebrant to conduct a Wedding, a Funeral, a Naming Day, a Come of Age Ritual or any kind of celebration that needs a facilitator.